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Schedule:  All times are GMT



10.00 am A selection of rock music and shows will be played

5.00 pm Computerchemist: "Triangle" (2016)

5.10 pm The OWMR Rock Top 30 Chart with Steve and Chrissie

6.00 pm The Album Show: Ray Wilson’s “Song for a Friend”

6.40 pm Ray Wilson’s “They Should Never Have Sent You Roses”

from upcoming album “Makes Me Think of Home”

6.45 pm OWMR News with Zoe Ehinger

7.00 pm The Hippy Gift Shop #7 with Steve Orchard

8.00 pm Andy’s Rock Show #36 introduced by Andy Rogers

9.00 pm Leather and Lace 17 Off to the Country with Zoe Ehinger

10.00 pm Spectrum #38 with Peter Cox

11.05 pm Marillion: "Scary Sky" and "Why is Nothing Ever True?"

from the new album "FEAR"



2.00 pm Atmospheres #82 with Bruce Gall

4.00 pm OWMR News

4.15 Obscured by the Light 51 of the Canterbury Scene with Michael Hodges

5.15 pm One World, One Voice #40 with Andy Rogers

6.15 pm Dreaming Flute Vol. 8 with Chrissie Sheppard

7.15 pm OWMR News

7.30 pm The Hippy Gift Shop #7 opened by Steve Orchard

8.30 pm Zoe’s Zen Zone with Zoe Ehinger

9.30 pm Borderlands #13 with Steve Sheppard

10.30 pm Geek Vol. 12 with Richard Rogers

11.30 pm OWMR News with Zoe Ehinger